John Stossel Revisits Video of ‘Hundreds’ of Union Members Protesting Against Him

On Thursday morning’s Fox & Friends, Fox Business Network host John Stossel revealed that his anti-public school advocacy campaign has not made him many friends inside the teachers unions. Stossel played a well-known clip of what he said were 600 union members who descended on his office to protest his program.

“You refer to public schools as government schools,” Steve Doocy asked. “You think that America’s kids would be better served if they got out of the government schools and into private schools via vouchers.”

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“I’ve been campaigning for that and that’s why teachers unions protested outside my office sometimes,” Stossel said.

He played a clip of an incident in which he confronted what he said were hundreds of union members who protested him and his education report.

Stossel revealed that he would examine how unions are resisting reforms in education in more detail on his Fox Business Channel program, which airs Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET.

[Ed. note: The union protest footage depicted is from Stossel’s 2006 ABC News special on education. The post has been updated to reflect that it is not new, but has been revisited in greater length for a new education report.]

Watch the segment below via Fox News Channel:

[Photo via screen grab]

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