John Stossel Visits Occupy Wall Street, Things Get Ugly

FOX News’ John Stossel paid a visit to the Occupy Wall Street crowd on Tuesday and received whatever the opposite of a warm embrace was from the protesters. The short clip of him being confronted by some protesters as he strolled by and asked questions played out more like a police officer walking past a rowdy group of prisoners than a man who looks vaguely like Geraldo Rivera paying a visit to a protest. Stossel then showed his short collection of clips to Bill O’Reilly, who wondered what this Occupy Wall Street thing was all about:

“There are some people who are really inflamed,” Stossel told O’Reilly.

“What are they angry about?” O’Reilly inquired.

“They’re just…. I don’t know.”

“There’s this visceral hatred of FOX News,” Stossel added. “They have a hundred beefs.”

O’Reilly then brought up an article written by Doug Schoen, in which he revealed, through a poll of 200 Occupy Wall Streeters, that only 15% of the protesters are unemployed. An additional 31% said they would support violence to advance their agenda. His point? That there are too many varied beliefs in this crowd, and it may not be as economically-based as people think.

Stossel’s big zinger came at the end, when he noted that there were so few protesters, relative to other events. “Six thousand according to the New York Times,” he said. “The Boy Scout Jamboree had 300,000.”

Enjoy the video, courtesy of FOX News and Breitbart, below:

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