John Stossel’s ‘Wackiest Warning Labels’ Are All Very Dumb

John Stossel‘s war on unnecessary rules knows no bounds– take, for example, last night’s segment on dumb warning labels, an attempt to highlight the silliest things companies have to warn consumers from in order to avoid litigation. Stossel welcomed the head of the second annual Wackiest Warning Label contest to make fun of pen caps, bicycles, and costume capes that warn of brutally obvious dangers.

Stossel had several demonstrations to exhibit the hair-raising dangers that some of these household items present, including a “drive and talk speaker” that warned “do not use while driving” and a costume cape that reminded the user “cape does not allow the user to fly.” Then he got to the finalists, as a kid rode into the studio on a bicycle. “Wait, that’s dangerous!” Stossel yelled, asking the kid if he was a “trained professional.” “No, I’m a kid!” said the kid. According to the bicycles instructions, only trained professionals could be allowed to use it. Stossel also demonstrated in a “dry” jacuzzi how “water attracts children,” which could lead to drowning.

The winner of the contest– a breathing mask that warns it “does not supply oxygen”– received $1,000, while the runner-up, the bicycle warning, took home half as much.

The segment via Fox Business below:

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