John Sununu Accuses Bill Hemmer of Pro-Trump Bias: ‘You’re Trying to Promote It!’

HemmerFormer Republican New Hampshire Governor John Sununu got cross with Fox News host Bill Hemmer Monday, accusing Hemmer of promoting Donald Trump after he questioned Sununu’s narrative about the Republican frontrunner.

The former Bush 41 official compared Trump to a reality show during an appearance on America’s Newsroom, saying that at first people are shocked and riveted, but eventually they lose interest when they realize its all phony. “People are beginning to find out that Trump is a reality show,” he said.

But Hemmer pointed out that most polls showed the opposite. “Our polls show that Trump is maintaining his lead, I think even bumped up two points in that poll.”

Sununu didn’t care for that remark. “You in the press are so infatuated with Trump,” he said.

“I’m just trying to figure it out,” Hemmer protested.

“No, you’re trying to promote it, Bill” Sununu continued. “And it really– voters are beginning to see it.”

Hemmer took the sally in stride, but did defend himself a few minutes later when closing out the interview. “Not here to promote anybody,” he said. “Just here to try to figure it out.”

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