John Sununu Dismisses Noonan’s Romney Critique: ‘I Wouldn’t Hire Peggy Noonan To Run A Campaign’

Romney surrogate and former governor John Sununu appeared on MSNBC’s Jansing & Co. Friday morning, where he said that the President’s recent comments about changing Washington politics shows he doesn’t understand that it isn’t really about whether you change it from the inside or outside, but, rather, about changing it from the top. “Bipartisanship comes from the president in Washington,” he said. “And leadership is what a president has to do.” But this President? He’s “failed.”

Host Chris Jansing then showed her guest footage of Romney saying something that sounded quite a bit like Obama’s remark — that Washington must be changed from the outside.

Sununu maintained that there is a huge difference between Romney’s comments and Obama’s.

“It comes from leadership,” said Sununu. “When Mitt Romney was governor, he had 85% Democrat in the legislature. And he went in and sat down and worked with them. He led. He produced results by leading. This President throws out phrases that are absolutely inane when it comes to leadership. Lead from behind? Somebody has to explain to me where there’s one scrap of intelligence in that phrase, ‘leading from behind.'”

“There are a lot of people have questioned whether there was a scrap of intelligence in the statement about the 47%,” Jansing replied, referring to recently-leaked video footage of Romney telling donors that 47 percent of Americans are “dependent” and view themselves as victims.

Jansing then asked the former governor to comment on Peggy Noonan‘s recent WSJ article calling Romney’s campaign a “rolling calamity.”

“Well, I wouldn’t hire Peggy Noonan to run a campaign,” he said. “I don’t ask her to have me write her columns.”

Jansing then showed Sununu poll numbers indicating that Obama is leading Romney in three key states — Colorado, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Sununu chalked it up to Obama being “clever” enough to know that “when you start polarizing people with class warfare, you can make a political difference.” He also accused the President of “demeaning” success and job creators.

Have a look, via CNN:

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