John Sununu On CNN: Obama’s Race May Have Influenced Colin Powell To Endorse Him

John Sununu is one of the most recognizable surrogates for the Romney campaign on the cable show circuit these days, which is why his words tend to carry a certain weight. And yet, Sununu seemingly has no filter, and has been one of the most aggressive voices hitting President Obama. Tonight, he did it again when he told Piers Morgan that retired four-star general and former Secretary of State Colin Powell‘s decision to endorse Obama has a racial component to it.

After Sununu railed against Obama for not telling voters how his second term would be different from his first, Morgan brought up Powell’s endorsement and asked him if it might be time for Powell to leave the Republican party he still says he belongs too.

Sununu raised the issue of whether Powell’s endorsement is based on the issues, or perhaps something else entirely.

“I think that when you have somebody of your own race that you’re proud of being President of the United States – I applaud Colin Powell for standing with him.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of CNN:


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