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John Sununu: President Is ‘Moving His Campaign Into The Gutter’

The Summer of Sununu continues as the former New Hampshire governor stopped by Fox & Friends early on Thursday, talking to host Gretchen Carlson about Medicare and Vice President Joe Biden‘s recent remark about “chains.” Y’all.

“I have to give credit to two gentlemen,” said Sununu. “One is former Democratic governor Doug Wilder — who yesterday made it clear that even though he’s still going to vote for President Obama — that as a warrior in these kinds of issues over the years, he recognizes that what the vice President said both in language and in tone, was playing the race card and former democratic congressman Artur Davis who is supporting Mitt Romney yesterday spoke out and today in an op-ed spoke out and made it clear that the, too, who is involved in this all of his life recognize that as a despicable effort to bring the race card into the presidential race.”

Sununu continued, saying the President is “moving his campaign into the gutter and it is despicable.”

The President’s campaign has “sunk to new lows,” he added, “and every day they surprise us by going lower.”

Later, Carlson asked whether it makes it better that Biden said he had actually meant “shackled” and not “chained,” Sununu responded that “I am not sure Joe knows the difference.”

Have a look, via Fox News:

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