John Thune Says FBI Kavanaugh Report Will ‘Make Its Way Out’ to Public Even if Locked In a Safe


Chair of the Senate Republican Conference, North Dakota Sen. John Thune was on with Dana Perino on Wednesday discussing the FBI investigation of Dr. Christine Ford‘s allegation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and President Donald Trump‘s comments about it at a rally on Tuesday. Thune echoed other Republicans in saying Trump was right on substance, and added an interesting take on the substance of the FBI report.

With regard to Trump’s comments, Thune echoed what is clearly today’s party line, like Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) over on CNN in the same hour, that the comments were “not all that helpful.”

“The point he was making is correct, and that is that there are factual inconsistencies, factual inaccuracies in Dr. Ford’s testimony, he said. “But I think how you make those points does matter.”

He added that right now, everything is about the FBI report, and Perino asked him about the plan to keep it confidential.

“One of the things you do as a conference chair, is you think about communications.” said Perino. “And I’m wondering about this idea that the FBI report- there would be one copy and that copy would be in a safe. Senators would come and look at it, and read it, but you couldn’t take it out of the room, you couldn’t I guess take pictures of it, anything like that.”

“But, given that this nomination basically hinges on this FBI supplemental report,” she continued. “Do you think it’s possible to keep it hidden and to not allow the public to see it? Because if the — let’s say a Democrat senator reads the report, leaves and then says something that Republicans think mischaracterizes the report and then you’ll be back into this ‘he said, she said’ thing once again.”

Thune replied that the findings would get “talked about” one way or another “as usual”. Even with the premise of a locked safe on the table, he said that what’s in it would come out.

“In the end, portions of that report may come out in some form. But it is important because there’s a lot riding on this, as you said,” he said. “All senators will have an opportunity to look at this. My guess is there will be plenty of discussion about it.”

“Eventually,” he said again, “I think some of it will make its way out into the public, into the mainstream.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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