John Yoo Suggests Giuliani Is ‘Getting Played’ By Russia and Ukraine


Moments after furiously backpedaling on his smear of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman earlier in the week, former Justice Department lawyer John Yoo all but called Rudy Giuliani, and others in President Donald Trump’s circle, suckers over their dealings with Ukraine.

Speaking with Chris Cuomo on CNN Wednesday night, Yoo said that the Ukrainians and Russians have engaged in espionage by going outside of proper diplomatic channels.

“To try to call an intelligence official on the National Security Counsel, on their part, sounds to me like espionage,” Yoo said. “I think the Russians and Ukrainians have been up to all kinds of things throughout this investigation to our national detriment. I think we’re being played sometimes for fools by them. And I have no doubt that what they’re up to is espionage.”

“Do you think that could be a component of what’s going on with Mr. Rudy Giuliani,” Cuomo asked. “That all of a sudden he winds up working with two people to advance the president’s interests who are now indicted? And have all these connections to Russian funny money? And were getting wires money that oddly resemble the amounts they gave him?”

“Oh, yes,” Yoo said. “I think part of what’s going on is that people in our government, or actually in the circle of private people around the president, are getting played by the intelligence services of other countries. I think that’s an inescapable conclusion.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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