Jon Hamm Shirtless! SNL’s Sexy Sergio Is Great For SEO (SEXXXY!)

Jon Hamm Shirtless! Sexy Jon Hamm Muscles! Sweaty Glistening Don Draper! SNL was kind to the SEO gods last night thanks to not one but two shirtless Jon Hamm sketches plus adorable Michael Bublé, who is Canadian. SNL was super-strong last night thanks not only to Hamm’s self-evident hotness but his equally impressive penchant for goofiness and hilarity. This SNL digital short perfectly marries the two, with the added bonus of Andy Samberg getting to thumb his nose at the haters. Even though if he’d have loved to have played Sergio, but as a rapper on a boat. Peep Hamm’s pecs below, then read on for some smarty-pants film references and more sweaty glistening hunky beefcake saxaphone-playing.

I believe I promised more sweaty glistening hunky beefcake saxaphone-playing — well, feast your hungry eyes below on this clip from The Lost Boys, via The Comic’s Comic, Dave Itzkoff and, er, The Thighmaster, all of whom Still Believe that Sergio is based on this hunka hunka burning eighties sax-rockin’ from one of the quintessential movies featuring teenage hottie vampires. No Jason Patric! Resist the blood lust! Is it just me, or is this scene a little, er, suggestive? I googled “Lost Boys Homoeroticism” and the internet seems to agree, though with words like “unintentionally” which seems rather at odds with the hip-swiveling and staring of this scene. Quote: “Just look at Keifer Sutherland and tell me he isn’t the gayest vampire that side of Robert Pattinson? I mean, it’s right there in the title, people. They were Lost Boys in search of their sexuality.” And, apparently, excellent saxophone playing.

If you were wondering who was busting Andy Samberg‘s chops, well, it was these guys. From Landline TV:

BTW Jami Gertz will always be Muffy Tepperman to me.

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