Jon Huntsman: Mitt Romney Is A ‘Highly Lubricated Weather Vane’

If there is one thing the entire 2012 Republican presidential field seems to agree on besides the inadequacy of President Barack Obama, it is that Mitt Romney appears to be a bit of a flip-flopper. As this point is being hammered home ad nauseum by every candidate, it has driven them all to get increasingly creative with their insults. But none has really come up with the level of poetry that Jon Huntsman delivered on CNN yesterday when he called his rival a “highly lubricated weather vane.”

Huntsman was explaining to Wolf Blitzer his strong belief that leadership required conviction, and that America needed someone that would be willing to stand up for an opinion no matter how unfavorable it may be. “You need to show leadership,” he argued. “You can’t be a perfectly lubricated weather vane… whether it’s Libya, whether it’s the debt ceiling.”

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Blitzer, apparently a little surprised by the metaphor, clarified using another one from George Will, noting, “you’re both saying he’s a flip-flopper.” Huntsman agreed that that was his intention, noting that in the “issue of life,” the fact that Romney had had varying opinions was particularly damning.

The segment via CNN below:

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