Jon Huntsman Shows Up On SNL To Talk About How Much He Loves New Hampshire

Governor Jon Huntsman is not doing so great in the polls for the Republican presidential nomination, so he was free tonight to actually appear on Saturday Night Live. It was really him!!! It’s well established that his daughters are quite media savvy and have a sense of humor, but this time Huntsman himself had the opportunity to show off his comedic chops on the show. He plied New Hampshire native Seth Meyers with compliments about his native state, like “you are as wise as a Dartmouth professor.”

Huntsman was a great sport and his delivery was quite good. I was a little disappointed that his bit on the show was so brief. His best moment was, fittingly, his last when he quizzed Meyers about his parents’ political affiliations (since they still live in New Hampshire). Meyers’s mother is a registered Democrat and his father is an independent. “Say hi to your dad for me,” Huntmsan purred.

You can watch his appearance here via NBC:

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