Jon Huntsman Zings Herman Cain: ‘I Thought [9-9-9] Was The Price Of A Pizza’

Tonight’s Bloomberg/Washington Post economic debate presented an entirely different format– “kitchen table”– and with Charlie Rose manning the ship, promised to be issues-oriented and steer clear of the personal. But that doesn’t mean it took long for the fireworks to start, though they did come from an unexpected corner of the table: Jon Huntsman, who got Herman Cain fired up by dismissing his “9-9-9” tax plan as “the price of a pizza.”

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It was the second joke for Huntsman of the night, the first earning only an uncomfortable sidelong glance from Rick Perry. Making the obvious “9-9-9” pizza joke and dismissing it as a “catchy phrase” did elicit laughter from the crowd, but not from Cain, who delivered a fiery response. “9-9-9 will pass– it is not the price of a pizza– because it is well studied and well developed,” Cain responded, arguing that the key to the plan was that it would “throw out the old tax code.”

The exchange via Bloomberg TV below:

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