Jon Karl Asks Carney if Anyone Will Buy Insurance ‘Because Barack Obreezy Tells Them to Buy it’


Several of the state-based ad campaigns aimed at getting young people to sign up for Obamacare have become points of criticism for conservative opponents of the law, including the Colorado-based “Brosurance” campaign, and the rap parody video recently released by a group of organizations aligned with Covered California. Although the White House is not involved in the production of these campaigns, ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl asked Press Secretary Jay Carney, at Tuesday’s White House daily briefing, for his “reaction” to the campaigns, and whether anyone is “going to buy health care because Barack Obreezy tells them to buy it because it’s hot?”

“What do you make of some of these efforts by Obamacare supporters to reach out?” Karl asked, adding “I mean, some of them — the upside-down keg stands and whatnot. I mean, is anybody going to buy health care because Barack Obreezy tells them to buy it because it’s hot?”

The President Obama character in the “Sign up ’cause it’s hot” video, which stars Obama impersonator and YouTube star Iman “Alphacat” Crosson, refers to himself as “B-Rock Obeezy” at one point in the song.

“I think that, having not designed advertising campaigns myself, I’m not an expert,” Carney replied, “but I think that people — there are efforts underway to reach potential consumers where they live, if you will, and to get them to be aware of the options available to them and the wisdom of getting covered, of having health insurance. And I think that’s what all these efforts are about.”

Carney also noted that, despite softening promotional efforts due to the problems with the website, “we still have extraordinary levels of interest demonstrated by the number of visits to the website itself. And that continues. We continue to see I think something like half a million over the weekend of visitors to So the demand is there, and it’s our responsibility to make sure that the system works so the demand can be met.”

Here’s the clip, from The White House:

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