Jon Karl Grills Trump on His Flip-Flopping Praise for Hillary, Jeb, and Perry

Donald Trump literally phoned it in to ABC’s This Week, joining Jon Karl by phone to discuss how huge his campaign is and how much everyone else sucks.

But Karl didn’t let the celebrity billionaire steamroll the conversation, confronting him with several positive quotes from days past about Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and Rick Perry — three other presidential candidates who have now become primary targets of Trump’s verbal wrath.

In 2000, Trump described Bush as “exactly the kind of political leader this country needs.” On Clinton, in 2012, Trump said, “she’s a terrific woman… works hard and I think she does a good job.” And regarding Perry, Trump said four years ago that the former Texas governor is a “very effective governor,” and “Texas is lucky to have him.”

So why the drastic change in tone?

“It’s a very simple answer,” Trump responded. “I was a businessman all my life… I had to deal with politicians and I would contribute to them and I would deal with them and certainly I’m not going to say bad things about people because I needed their support to get projects done.”

“I was a smart businessman,” he continued. “But now I’m no longer a businessman. I’m somebody who wants to make the country great again. And the tone is too weak.”

Watch below, via ABC:

[Image via ABC/screengrab]

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