Jon Karl Shades Trump Win on Fox News: ‘Black Swan Event,’ National Polls Were ‘Quite Accurate’


During a Fox News appearance, ABC News White House correspondent Jonathan Karl injected some reality into President Donald Trump’s 2016 victory, calling it a “black swan event” that relied on a series of unpredictable factors, and pointing out that national polls at the time were largely correct.

On Wednesday’s edition of America’s Newsroom, Karl sat for an interview with Ed Henry to promote the book “Front Row at the Trump Show,” and Henry prodded Karl to say whether Trump could repeat his 2016 victory in 2016.

“There’s poll after poll going into 2016, and you’re looking at it, you even sit down with the RNC, and their poll suggests that Donald Trump is going to lose. There’s a great scene where Eric Trump says to you, the president’s son, if you think he’s losing to Hillary Clinton by double digits right now, basically your nuts,” Henry said.

“So my point is, push this forward now. You see polls again saying he’s down to Joe Biden. Is this why the Trump people say you guys got it wrong last time, he could win again? Do you think he can win again?” Henry asked.

“Well, he certainly could, I think it’s going to be a challenge for him,” Karl said, skeptically. “I think that it was a, I called the chapter on the election ‘The Black Swan Event because, I mean, enough things had to happen for him to win that… I don’t think he thought he was going to win.”

He went on to add that “ultimately, the polls, the national polls were actually quite accurate, the president, then-candidate Donald Trump, lost the popular vote, but he won all those battleground states.”

“Could he do it again? Absolutely,” Karl said, and added “we need some humility on this, let’s not be too sure we know anything going into election day.”

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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