Jon Karl to Jay Carney: When Can We Admit Obama’s Syria Policy an ‘Absolute Failure?’

During Wednesday’s White House press briefing, ABC News’ Chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl probed Press Sec. Jay Carney over the progress of President Barack Obama’s policy aimed at addressing the threat posed by the Syrian civil war. Karl pointedly asked Carney whether it was time to acknowledge that Obama’s Syria policy has been an “absolute failure.”

“Isn’t it time to acknowledge that, when it comes to easing the humanitarian crisis in Syria, that the president’s policy has been an absolute failure?” Karl asked. “I mean, you had the Director of National Intelligence tell Congress that the situation on the ground was an ‘apocalyptic disaster.’”

“Jon, we provide more humanitarian aid to the Syrian people than any other nation on earth,” Carney replied.

“What I’m talking about is in terms of ending the crisis within Syria,” Karl shot back.

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“The crisis in Syria is a crisis,” Carney said. “That is why we have to bring the parties together to try to compel them towards a negotiated political settlement because there isn’t a military solution here.”

Watch the exchange below via The White House:

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[Photo via screen grab/AP]

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