Jon Stewart Tears Into Fox: ’24 Hours a Day Jerking Yourself Off’

Jon Stewart tonight really went after Fox News for being so self-congratulatory about their own coverage of Ferguson, getting a liberal Hollywood elitist to “apologize” to them and presenting them a cake.

Stewart was going off Megyn Kelly touting Fox’s coverage and seemingly wanting some kind of acknowledgement from the media that they got it right.

He said it’s “bullshit” for Fox to play the “rush to judgment” card when they rush to judgment a lot, but acknowledge that it “is newsworthy when Fox is right.”

The surprise Hollywood guest vowed only to make movies “blindly uncritical of America” and showed a montage of Fox’s biggest fans: Fox.

He concluded by comparing the 18-year-old Fox to an actual 18-year-old: “You have a massive ego and spend 24 hours a day jerking yourself off.”

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

[image via screengrab]

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