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Jon Stewart Advises Embattled Egyptian President Mubarak: Let’s Go Exile!

The uprising in Egypt has been a huge story in the last few days, so it’s no surprise that The Daily Show would open Monday night’s show with lots of comedy jokes on various media reports about the upheaval. Perhaps more surprising, though, is Jon Stewart willingness to advise Hosni Mubarak on where to flee to find his next home in exile. Stewart said, “You’ve been Egypt’s dictator for 30 years and now the people have issued a last call…you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here,” later adding “In fact you probably shouldn’t go home they’re probably thinking of lighting it on fire.”

The following segment offers advice to Mubarak but also illustrates the complicated relationship that Western democracies have with current and former dictators. Stewart also fired off a terrific salvo at the executives at NBC highlighting their mishandling of last year’s Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien situation by comparing it to the situation Mubarak is soon to face. Stewart said, “You gotta get out! What are you going to do…Stay? Move to ten o’clock? Hope in nine months the same people that kicked you out ask you back? Even mobs don’t mismanage that badly!”

Watch the clip courtesy of Comedy Central below:

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