Stewart Asks Panetta to Explain Confused White House Strategy on ISIS

Jon Stewart doesn’t quite know what to make of the White House’s ISIS strategy, and asked former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Wednesday night to help explain the confused messaging from the Obama administration. And he started with a very simple question, “What are we doing?”

Stewart remarked that the White House rhetoric sounds tough, but overall, he observed, they’re “trying to get the go-ahead to do what they want to do without making the commitment and getting the entire country involved in whatever this battle is.”

Panetta acknowledged it’s a tough decision for the White House, and said Congress should be able to take on the issue. And this also set Stewart off, because Congress is on recess, even as they shout about how big this threat is.

Panetta acknowledged that this Congress might not be the best either, given his comment that they “have a hard time trying to find the bathrooms in the Capitol.”

Watch the interview below, via Comedy Central:

[image via screengrab]

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