Jon Stewart Attempts to Wring Some Comedy Out of ‘F*cking Crazy’ ISIS

Jon Stewart took on ISIS tonight, and as far as he’s concerned, they’re “fucking crazy” and “do incredibly evil shit.” But beyond that, Stewart wanted to know what the U.S. actually knows about this terrorist group…

And what Stewart learned is that ISIS is a “hipper” terrorist group that uses social media as a weapon (which is basically how everyone uses social media).

Stewart attempted to wring some comedy out of ISIS, and said the U.S. is in such an unfortunate position that it’s enough to make you regret “destabilizing the region in the first place.”

And as for ISIS’ designs to establish a caliphate, Stewart warned them that governing isn’t as nice and easy as they would think, citing America as an example. Stewart declared that the U.S. is the most powerful country in the world “and all we talk about is how everything sucks now!”

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

[image via screengrab]

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