Jon Stewart: Bill O’Reilly Throws Us A Rope Out Of The [Birther] Crazy Hole

Did you hear a strange, soft thud at around 11:15 PM ET Wednesday night? That thud, friends, was the sound of several thousand bags of Funyuns being dropped off futons at the same time. You see, Daily Show host Jon Stewart did something unexpected: He heralded Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly as a voice of reason.

That’s right: While presenting a segment on the so-called birther movement’s preoccupation with Barack Obama‘s birth certificate – a segment that specifically called out Sarah Palin and Donald Trump – Stewart pointed to O’Reilly as one pundit who is “throwing a rope” out of a “crazy hole.” Stewart then aired portions of a recent segment O’Reilly did on dismantling several myths associated with the Obama administration.

Perhaps Stewart is feling particularly generous towards the Fox News host in light of O’Reilly’s recent compliment for Stewart. You might remember that he called Stewart the “smartest of the left wingers” on TV.

Watch the segment, via Comedy Central:

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