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Jon Stewart Blames Media For Overstating Speechgate: ‘Tales Of Manufactured Conflict’

Jon Stewart Blames Media For Speechgate: 'Tales Of Manufactured Conflict'

Jon Stewart returned from a two-week hiatus last night and passed by recent news stories like the earthquakes, hurricanes and a struggling economy, choosing instead to train his sites on last week’s controversy known as “speechgate,” or the scheduling conflict between the White House and Speaker’s office over a joint session address. The fake news host first noted how the conflict was resolved rather quickly by introducing a segment entitled “Tales of Reasonable Accommodation.” But that wasn’t the entire story.

Long time viewers of The Daily Show has seen this segment before…in fact, many, many times before. Somehow though, that doesn’t lessen the impact of the segment, particularly his ridiculing of the White House press corps for focusing questions on the speech conflict and less on the problems the speech intends to address:

“There were 23 questions about the scheduling of the speech. Nine about its content. So i’m happy to announce that at approximately 11:00 p.m. eastern standard time we’re ready to call it the incumbent style thumps substance 72% to 28%. Walter Mondale laughed at how poorly substance did. I’m sure substance will concede at some point, but who gives a (bleep)?”

Style over substance has long been a hallmark of all broadcast news, so there isn’t necessarily anything unique about Stewart’s commentary. But that doesn’t make it any less biting.

Watch the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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