Jon Stewart: Megyn Kelly’s Maternity Leave Flip-Flop Due To ‘Post-Partum Compassion’

Jon Stewart was really sad to see Megyn Kelly go on maternity leave these past few months, but was quite happy to see her return in rare form, giving radio host Mike Gallagher a tongue lashing for calling maternity leave a “racket” and defending work entitlements. It was bizarre for Stewart, though, because Kelly had many years before complained that worker benefits like maternity leave were anti-capitalist and that men didn’t deserve equally long parental leave. Is it the new hair, Stewart posited, or a case of post-partum compassion?

“I like to watch Fox News because I hate my whole head,” Stewart joked before turning to Kelly and playing her attack on Gallagher. It was so bold it merited a Joe Pesci dramatic performance from Stewart, and the high praise “badass.” Except Kelly didn’t seem to agree with her old self very much, as a montage of her old Fox News appearances demonstrated. It turns out Kelly had not only argued against workers’ benefits, but against paternity leave, which she brought up in the debate against Gallagher.

“When you cut your hair, it saps your conservative strength,” Stewart joked, “that means Rachel Maddow is ten scissorless weeks from a Fox News contract.” Then he turned to lecture Kelly: “they’re only really entitlements when they’re something someone else wants,” otherwise they’re socialism. Either way, Stewart was quite pleased with her “post-partum compassion,” but didn’t seem to expect it to last.

The segment via The Daily Show below:

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