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Jon Stewart Blasts Arizona As ‘The Meth Lab Of Democracy’

Having fully reassumed his position as the most respected voice on the American left last week, Jon Stewart continued his attack with some sharp commentary on Arizona’s new illegal immigration bill, calling Arizona the “meth lab of democracy” and pointing out that, if vocal illegal immigration opponent Tom Tancredo thinks the new immigration law is too strict, maybe the state should consider a different approach.

Stewart went down the list of major concerns with the bill, especially lingering on the fact that police now have the authority to question individuals who they deem “look” illegal and request identification, and that individuals are allowed to sue the police if they consider that law enforcement is not doing enough to keep illegal immigrants out of Arizona (what Stewart called “police neutrality”). He also observed that if Tancredo, “the guy Mexican parents tell their kids about to get them to eat their vegetables,” was concerned about civil rights violations, then there might just be something wrong with the bill.

He also brought along “senior immigration correspondent” Wyatt Cenac to discuss the bill, though he was inconveniently interrupted in his report by a police officer who thought he looked kind of illegal.

The clip from last night’s Daily Show below:

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