Jon Stewart Blasts House GOP For ‘In God We Trust’ Vote: Just ‘Doing It To Be Dicks’

Daily Show host Jon Stewart took Congress to task for focusing its efforts on voting for keeping “In God We Trust” as our national motto instead of, say, working to create jobs. Stewart questioned why the motto was being voted on in the first — were other, alternative mottos being considered? If so, Stewart has a few suggestions:

  • America: You’ve Met Our Drones, Now Meet Our People
  • America: Home of the Reagan
  • Hey World: You Can’t Spell “Suck It” Without U.S.
  • Later, Stewart translated Congress’ reason for reaffirming the motto — which was, according to at least member of Congress, to “remind” Obama of what it was — as simply them being “dicks.”

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    Stewart also dug into Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson assertion that it’s “sad” that Congress “had to” vote on reaffirming the motto.

    Perhaps most unintentionally hilarious, though, was Charlie Rangel‘s reason for voting in favor of keeping the national slogan as it is: He didn’t want anyone to think he, like, hated God or anything.

    Have a look, via Comedy Central:

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