Jon Stewart Blasts Immigration Reform: Finally, ‘A Barrier That Immigrants Will Not Be Able To Get Past’

After briefly addressing the tragedy in Boston, Jon Stewart tackled the immigration reform debate going on in Washington this week. Stewart mainly focused his mocking on Senator Marco Rubio, and had some fun reminding viewers of his infamous water bottle moment. Stewart tore into the level of bureaucracy that the new system would create, and remarked that the compromise finally creates the one barrier “immigrants will not be able to get past.”

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Stewart took on the “Gang of Eight” label, asking how in the hell any group consisting of old white men could ever be considered a “gang.”

He brought up Rubio’s explanations for how the new immigration system would work, including a provision that would require universal background checks. Stewart said it would be easy to get around that, “all you’ve got to do is tell immigration you’re a gun.”

Stewart ran through all these new requirements immigrants need to go through before they can even be considered to apply for citizenship, even with forces outside their control. On the need to first create an e-verify system, Stewart said that we can’t even come up with an efficient computer system to help our veterans, “and we like veterans!”

Stewart remarked that “it sure as hell ain’t amesty” and congratulated the Gang of Eight for “finally buil[ding] a barrier that immigrants will not be able to get past.” The segment concluded with correspondent Al Madrigal turning the verbal tables on the GOP and laying out all the tough requirements they need to pass if they want to be on a quick “path to presidentship.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of Comedy Central:


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