Jon Stewart Blasts Media For ‘Wasting Our Time’ With Palin Emails

In a news cycle dominated by a nude Congressman and an election more than a year away, the Sarah Palin email dump may have almost been a breath of fresh air– had there been anything remote interesting in her files. On tonight’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart berated the media for looking for their Palin drug hit and taking the rest of the country on a wild goose chase through files of mundane bureaucratic files.

Hoping against hope that the Palin emails would contain vulgar Twitter photos, Stewart began the segment biting his nails over the dramatic insights the Palin emails could potentially harbor. What “devastating, newsworthy” stuff could they contain? The media found such insights as Palin debating whether she should pose for a fitness magazine and a letter of a constituent complaining that Palin “was spotted with Trig in a car not wearing an approved car seat.”

“Why are you wasting our time?!” an exasperated Stewart asked, looking deeper into the desperation journalists appeared to have in finding little to nothing interesting in her emails. Finally, after finding nothing new of interest in the large piles of physically printed out emails, Stewart discovered a clip of a reporter trying to find meaning to the entire ordeal, asking whether, in Stewart’s words, the emails were “something, nothing, or somewhere between something and nothing.”

The segment via Comedy Central below:

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