Jon Stewart Calls Barack Obama ‘The One Hardass’ On The UN’s Co-op Board

There are basically two ways to clear a room almost immediately: Feed an elephant an obscene amount of chili, or have Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad give a speech. And Ahmadinejad’s address did indeed lead to walk-out at the U.N., as the Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart pointed out. But there was more!

Palestine, you see, recently sent a chair (as in, an actual piece of furniture meant for sitting) as a symbolic gesture in anticipation of its bid for membership in the United Nations. So, then, yes. There was a segment about chairs. The Turkish? They have their ottomans. (Cue the nervous yet heartfelt laughter of history nerds.) Swedes? Ikea furniture, of course. I’m not even going to mention what Australia has.

Stewart then poked fun at President Obama’s statements regarding Palestine and Israel, calling him “the one hardass on the co-up board.” Co-op? Oh, would you like some sushi with that latte?

Take a look at the clip, via Comedy Central:

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