Jon Stewart Calls Halperin’s ‘Dick’ Comment ‘One Of The Greatest Things I’ve Ever Seen’

The most outrageous statement in the cable news cycle today happened little after dawn, and by the end of the day, Mark Halperin had found no support for his statement on Morning Joe that President Obama was a “dick”– no support, that is, except for that of Jon Stewart, who was quick to call his statement “one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen,” and go on to praise fellow panelist Willie Geist for his classic “disapproving glare.”

Thanks to the magic of late-night basic cable, Stewart was able to play the entire clip, and while he found it fascinating, he noted that “what’s interesting to me about what he did is not what he did, it’s what happened after they came back from the commercial.” He then played Halperin’s apology, which, for some reason, was not filmed as a shot of only him, but featured Geist sitting beside him, frowning disappointedly. While Stewart asserted that it was totally obvious Halperin would apologize, but “what you didn’t know was that his apology would be chaperoned by show regular Willie Geist’s disapproving glare.”

Stewart’s first impression of Geist just sitting there was to be completely spooked, but the more he thought about it, the more he liked it. He quickly did a 180ยบ on his presence: “This guy, Willie Geist, should be included in all our apologies!” Stewart then went on to demonstrate several famous apologies adorned by the presence of Willie Geist and, yes, Geist would pop up later on during the show whenever Stewart said something inappropriate, which is often.

The segment via Comedy Central below:

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