Jon Stewart: Can Ed Schultz Fill ‘Olbermann Shaped Hole’ In Our Nation’s Discourse?

Its been two weeks since Keith Olbermann left the airwaves of MSNBC, creating a “Olbermann shaped hole in our nation’s discourse,” according to Jon Stewart, who used the opening segment in tonight’s episode of The Daily Show to assess MSNBC’s current lineup to fill said void. Rachel Maddow seems too civil and gentile, Lawrence O’Donnell seems too smart and Chris Matthews seemed, well, like a “balloonhead.” Leaving us with? Ed Schultz!

While some will see the segment as a paean to Olbermann’s strength of conviction, others are sure to see it as a mockery of Olbermann’s over reliance on hyperbole and merciless railing on anyone who disagrees with him. The later might be the real point of the segment, evidenced by the bizarre bit in which Stewart travels to “the Olberfarm” in which young “Olberclones” are seen yelling at each other. Stewart laughs diabolically, while somewhere, we imagine, crickets chirped. Hey, they can’t all be hits!

Watch the segment courtesy of Comedy Central below:

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