Jon Stewart Celebrates iPhone Arrival On Verizon, Trashes AT&T

On Tuesday night’s The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart heralded the availability of the iPhone to Verizon Wireless customers, breaking the exclusive stranglehold on the devices by much-maligned AT&T. In a bit that comically equated the news to the fall of Baghdad and the end of World War II, correspondent John Oliver chronicled just the latest cruel blow to the once-proud monopoly.

It’s a pretty funny bit, but the best joke I heard about this today was from someone on Morning Joe (Willie Geist, maybe?) who said that AT&T will now begin focusing on its long-neglected telegraph business.

Here’s the clip, from Comedy Central:

I’m already a Verizon customer, and I’m perfectly happy with my Droid (which shoots awesome video), but this is still somewhat sweet for me. I view this as payback for this relentlessly annoying AT&T commercial that, coincidentally, illustrates just how far the mighty have fallen:

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