Jon Stewart Challenges Right-Wing Hypocrisy On Hoffa Tea Party Rhetoric

After a two-week long vacation in which, among other things, the East Coast experienced an earthquake and hurricane, Jon Stewart returned to a surplus of mockable news, paramount among these Teamsters head James Hoffa‘s allegedly violent rhetoric against the Tea Party. Stewart challenged the outrage with clips of many on the right (and from Fox News) using similar war metaphors, and gave voice to his own with a ventriloquist act.

Stewart played the now-infamous clip, editorializing a bit on what Hoffa had to say in his classic Jersey accent. He then turned to the reaction– livid outrage– which he found strange given the tenor of rhetoric on the right. After mocking Gretchen Carlson‘s periwinkle getup by quipped, “Gretchen Carlson was so upset she left her prom early,” he then turned to comments by Rep. Allen West, which used vivid imagery involving using bayonets (?) on the left.

“Most rally techniques are lame,” Stewart noted, “without hypothetical metaphorical excitements,” he concluded, politicians are only left with a few tricks. By way of example, he offered noted fiery speaker… Sen. John Kerry, trying to rally up the crowd by repeating “help is on the way” over and over. It was not particularly successful. For even more contrast, Stewart concluded with a puppet act. Yes, a puppet act.

The segment via Comedy Central below:

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