Jon Stewart & Co. Reach Conclusion About Chinese Dissident Case: It’s All Bill Clinton’s Fault

On Thursday night, Jon Stewart took a look at the story of Chen Guangcheng, the Chinese dissident who’s been making headlines, after escaping house arrest, reportedly hiding in a U.S. embassy.

Noting how some have been saying this came at a bad time for U.S. officials, Stewart responded, “Way to go, Chen! I mean how inconsiderate can you get! Blind human activist Chen Guangcheng. Couldn’t wait just two more weeks to escape oppression. Try thinking about somebody else for a change. Jailed working to end china’s forced abortion and sterilization policies guy.”

He then pointed out some lighter tidbits. Chen wanted to leave on the plane with Hillary Clinton. And told her, in broken English, that he wanted to kiss her. But back to serious situation: with none other than John Oliver, the correspondent in Beijing.

We all know who’s to blame, Oliver said. Bill Clinton! How so? “He set the bar, Jon. Perhaps you recall a couple of years ago when he freed those two journalists by single-handedly plucking them out of North Korea.”

A diplomatic triumph, surely. No, Oliver said. “A dangerous diplomatic precedent.” Word got around that Bill Clinton would fly to your rescue. Or Hillary. Or Chelsea. Worst case scenario: Roger.

Take a look, via Comedy Central:

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