Jon Stewart Ridicules Penn State Students’ Riotous Reaction To Joe Paterno’s Firing

Moving back to everyone’s least favorite news item in recent history… The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart tackled the disheartening and infuriating story of Penn State’s former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky and the student body’s (Expected? Disgusting? Understandable? Misinformed? Ignorant? Horrifying?) reaction to news that beloved football coach Joe Paterno had been dismissed due to the way he handled news of Sandusky’s criminal behavior.

Stewart compared the situation with Paterno to the Catholic Church’s instances of hiding cases of rape, abuse and molestation among its clergy members in order to protect itself as an institution. In the case of Penn State, the religion being discussed is football, and the clergy are the school’s coaches. “No one is trying to take away your religion,” Stewart explained, they are simply trying to seek out justice and protection for the victimized.

Have a look, via Comedy Central:

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