Jon Stewart Crashes The Daily Show As ‘Bernie Bernstein’


On Thursday night, Jon Stewart made a brief appearance on The Daily Show to promote his upcoming HBO special A Night of Too Many Stars.

Trevor Noah was mocking the robocall that was made in Alabama of a fake Washington Post reporter by the name of “Bernie Bernstein” that offered people money for allegations against Roy Moore in hopes to aide the judge’s campaign to paint the controversy as a witch hunt.

“I don’t even know what that accent was,” Noah reacted. “It sounded like a guy trying to do a New York Jewish voice based on hearing a friend describe a Woody Allen movie.”

The Daily Show host’s cell phone began ringing.

“Hello?” he answered.

It was “Bernie Bernstein.”

“How could you say ‘Bernie Bernstein’ isn’t real? It’s me!” the overly New York Jewish-sounding voice said.

Noah grew quickly suspicious and walked backstage to find the man behind the phone call. And he found his predecessor.

“Using a flip phone, Jon?” Noah asked.

“I’m old…” Stewart joked.

Stewart then came clean and told Noah that he was just trying to promote his televised benefit for autism services and wanted to thank Noah in person for participating in the program.

“You don’t need anti-Semitism to come onto the show, Jon,” Noah told Stewart. “You could have just asked!”

“I don’t need it, I just like it that way,” Stewart responded.

Noah then offered his viewers a chance to sit down with him on The Daily Show set if they enter and donate. Stewart called that a “very good prize” because he watches the show and says Noah’s “really good at it.”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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