Stewart: ‘Deeply Divided Nation’ Has Agreed On Something – Obama’s Debate Performance Sucked

Stewart: 'Deeply Divided Nation' Has Agreed - Obama's Debate Performance Sucked

Jon Stewart agreed with the consensus that President Obama gave a bad performance at last night’s debate, to put it mildly. Stewart was amazed at how Mitt Romney was so easily able to claim a rhetorical victory over the president despite, as Stewart pointed out, the Republican challenger throwing out a number of lies during the debate. Stewart also targeted moderator Jim Lehrer for his poor performance, suggesting it was due to a Quantum Leap-style infection of Lehrer’s body.

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Stewart marveled at how Obama lost despite Romney’s odd comments about his willingness to cut funding for PBS and Big Bird, whom Stewart deemed “America’s favorite non-fried bird.” Stewart couldn’t figure out why Obama did not look up at Romney that much, until he cut to the president writing a naked picture of Romney a la Rose in Titanic.

And on top of that, Stewart said Obama’s loss was so staggering because of how much Romney told lies during the debate, asking “are you just going to let him roll you?” In contrast, Obama went on at great length but didn’t bother to call out Romney’s lies. Stewart said that Obama would have came out better just yelling “Liar! Liar! Liar!” for two minutes to rebut Obama.

Stewart also mocked Lehrer’s questions trying to find out difference between the two of them on a range of issues. He also remarked that Obama probably took Ambien before the debate, and Romney clearly tried caffeine “for the first time.” But perhaps the biggest lie of the night, in Stewart’s estimation, was when Obama told Lehrer he did a good job.

Stewart then gave some advice to Obama, saying he should at least exude the same level of urgency and relentlessness expressed in his campaign’s fundraising e-mails. He also borrowed a line from Samuel L. Jackson‘s pro-Obama ad, telling the president he needs to “wake the fuck up.”

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