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Jon Stewart Derides McCain’s Shifting Positions On DADT (And Leadership In General)

Yesterday the Senate’s Armed Services committee held a hearing regarding the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, during which Senator John McCain expressed concern that military leaders had not taken into consideration the views of their subordinates on an issue of this magnitude. Jon Stewart rebuffed this notion by holding up the results of the detailed survey, then followed with classic clips of McCain lauding his own “maverick” style of leadership in which he’s ostensibly spurned the views of his subordinates.

In a segment called “Gaypocalypse Now” Mr. Stewart surprisingly found room to praise one of his traditional targets of derision, Senator Joe Lieberman before turning to McCain, who’s shifting position on DADT has been a subject of mockery on cable news for some time. On McCain’s stubborn stance, Stewart said “he is like one of those Japanese soldiers living in 1949 still fighting because he didn’t realize the war ended a long time ago,” adding “and even though he has been alone on the island doesn’t like gay people.”

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