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Jon Stewart Rips Fox’s Liz Trotta Over Comments On Military Women Who Are ‘Raped Too Much’

Jon Stewart Rips Fox's Liz Trotta Over Comments On Military Women...

On Tuesday, Daily Show host Jon Stewart seemed positively “horrortained” by both Rick Santorum and Fox News contributor Liz Trotta‘s reaction to news that the Pentagon is allowing women in the military to participate in front-line combat.

Santorum, as regular readers are likely aware, has qualms about women participating in front-line combat because he fears that men will feel emotionally compelled to “protect” their female colleagues, even at the risk of the mission at hand.

And then, well. And then there’s Liz Trotta.

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Her reaction to news that instances of violent sexual assault in the military have increased by 64 percent since 2006? “What did they expect?”

“You know the old saying,” Stewart said. “You can’t make a coed omelet without raping a few eggs.”

Trotta also took issue with “feminists'” insistence that, say, victims’ advocates be made available for those women who are “raped too much.”

“Are you not horrortained?” Stewart asked. Are you not?

So which is it — men are going to protect ladies, or rape them “too much”?

The show’s lady correspondent, Samantha Bee, strutted on by to lay some knowledge down for Stewart. “You can rape it, or you can protect it,” she said of her feminine attributes, “but you cannot ignore it.”

Have a look and be positively horrifitickled, via Comedy Central:

Editor’s note: This post has been edited since it’s original posting – Jon Nicosia

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