Jon Stewart Did NOT Enjoy Sen. Barbara Boxer’s Re-Telling Of His Health Care Joke

On Thursday, Daily Show host Jon Stewart tore into the Blunt Amendment (so named, he joked, because of how high one must be to think it’ll pass) (You’ll see later on in the video that this joke is particularly appropriate for Stewart’s audience) (Triple parentheses!), particularly Mitt Romney‘s… complicated stance on it, as well as the GOP’s insistence that it has nothing to do with contraception.

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Later, Stewart introduced a new segment: “Founding Fathers Theater.” In it, we see Thomas Jefferson — wig slightly askew — looking for something to put on the ol’ “John Hancock” whilst slipping a slave the “Virgina ham.” The sketch was very… very.

He then noted that California Sen. Barbara Boxer had actually name-checked him while discussing the Blunt Amendment, sharing that the host had said he “loved it” because he’s an employer who believes that laughter (or “humor,” she put it) is the best medicine. Stewart insisted that his comments were taken out of context, which is his job to do.

Boxer later re-told the joke to make it extra funny. Probably why she’s getting her own box set, as seen on TV.

Watch, via Comedy Central:

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