Jon Stewart: Conservatives Talk About Taking Back America From Other Americans

Stewart: Conservatives Talk About Taking Back America From Other Americans

It has been several years of Tea Party protests demanding Americans take back their country. With the Occupy Wall Street protests in full swing, Jon Stewart took a segment today to figure out who exactly the country had to be taken back from, and how Rep. Eric Cantor and other vocal Tea Party supporters were reacting to Occupy Wall Street. Unsurprisingly, he found a bit of a disconnect between action and rhetoric.

Noting that conservatives had been talking about “taking to the streets to take this country back” with bayonets and assorted archaic and nearly-harmless weapons for some time, Stewart wondered facetiously whether they would support Occupy Wall Street, even jokingly crediting Rep. Cantor for starting the movement. Unfortunately for Stewart, Rep. Cantor has already vocally condemned the movement for “condon[ing] the pitting of Americans against Americans,” which is, according to Stewart, exactly what he was doing.

He then turned to analyze the rhetoric of the right in the past few years. If they were taking back the country, and Occupy Wall Street wasn’t aligned with what they were talking about to begin with, than who were they trying to take the country back from? Apparently everyone from college professors to gay couples to progressives and labor unions– all of whom Stewart wryly noted were still Americans. “It must be tough to love America so much,” he quipped, “but hate almost three fourths of the people living in it.”

The segment via Comedy Central below:

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