Jon Stewart Doesn’t Appear To Believe Herman Cain’s Version Of Harassment Story

On Wednesday’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart was in disbelief that Herman Cain just “happened to remember more” details relating to the sexual harassment accusations made against him in the 1990s. “You know, everyone talks about how traumatic being sexually harassed is,” Stewart observed. “But nobody talks about how traumatic it is to be the harasser, and you repress a lot of those memories. I would bet his therapist is delighted about the breakthrough that’s happening.”

Stewart also pointed out the account that Cain’s trade organization reached a settlement with women who accused him of sexual harassment, was a fact, not an allegation. “Let me show you what an allegation looks like,” the Daily Show host exclaimed.

He then played footage of Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer asking the former Godfather Pizza CEO whether he thought being a strong black conservative had any bearing on this new revelation.

“I believe the answer is yes,” Cain replied. “But we do not have any evidence to support it.”

“See, right there!” Stewart boomed. “That’s the difference between a fact and an allegation! The giveaway there is the really the phrase, ‘we do not have any evidence to support it.’ The thing that is being brought up in the news is a fact!”

Watch Stewart’s analysis of Cain’s damage control below via Comedy Central:

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