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Jon Stewart Gives Gloria Allred More Herman Cain Harassment Punchlines: ‘Occupy Ball Street’

Stewart Gives Gloria Allred More Cain Harassment Punchlines: 'Occupy Ball Street'

It didn’t take long into today’s very bizarre, jaw-dropping press conference held at the Friar’s Club by Gloria Allred and Sharon Bialek to accuse Republican presidential frontrunner Herman Cain of sexual assault to know Jon Stewart would have a field day with this. Needless to say, he led the show today with the press conference, the accusations, and Allred’s bad jokes.

Stewart noted that the press conference was somewhat doomed from the start given its “unfortunately chosen lawyer and the location, the Friar’s Club.” Given the location then, a “stimulus package” joke wasn’t entirely out of line… almost, though it gave Stewart an opening to help Allred out with a well-placed current events sexual harassment joke of his own: “he then told her to go ‘occupy ball street.'” He then turned to the media response to the explosive allegations, mocking the fact that some in the media are now demanding the public presence of Gloria Cain to speak on account of her husband: “Bring us the wife of the accused so that we may throw tomatoes at her as well!”

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But the segment concluded not with Cain or his accusers, but at a few shots at Megyn Kelly, who had strongly attacked the original Politico report for its anonymous sourcing but, Stewart found, seemed content with anonymous sources in a story attacking President Obama.

The clip via Comedy Central below:

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