Jon Stewart Hits Back At Religious Right’s Reaction To Openly-Gay Romney Spokesman

Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart tackled the noxious attacks on Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith from both the Left and the Right. However, since we’re trying to strike a blow for equality, we should take the time to look at all the bigots discussing Romney’s campaign. Fortunately, Stewart found the perfect poster boy for homophobia in the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer and his response to Mitt Romney’s (now former) Richard Grenell.

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Stewart framed Romney’s hiring of Grenell as part of the candidate’s “Great Pivot to the Center” (albeit one involving a guy who’s exactly like him in every way except for his personal opinion on boobs). However, most of the segment focused on Fischer who protested against Grenell’s hiring and is now gloating about his departure. What a fun guy.

To make matter’s better, Fischer’s not just a poster boy for homophobia, he’s also a comedian’s best friend; one of those anti-gay bigots who, for some reason, spends more time thinking about the intricate details of gay sex than the author’s or erotic Glee fan-fiction. Much fun was had by Stewart revolving around the unsettling clips of Fischer going on at length about what he thinks (?) happens in gay bathhouses.

Watch the clip from Comedy Central below:

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