Jon Stewart: Why Blame George W. Bush When We Can Blame Bill Clinton?

While there’s no question that President Obama inherited a number of serious challenges when he came into office, there is question as to who’s most responsible for problems like the financial crisis, a weakened economy, and lax regulatory policies that may have lead to these (and other) disasters. “Blame Bush!” is an oft-cried meme, not just by Democrats, but the Republicans decrying their political opponents for skirting the issue. But as Jon Stewart points out, blaming a previous administration isn’t a new tactic. Himm…I wonder if the GOP ever blamed the Clinton administration, because that would certainly make them look sort of silly.

First some set-up: On Monday night David Axelrod appeared on The Daily Show and discussed, among other things, the administrations lack of urgency in addressing lax regulatory guidelines that may have impacted bot the cause and effect of the BP oil disaster. Fox and Friends saw the clip and guest Laura Ingraham summed it up as blaming the former administration under George W. Bush. Cue Jon Stewart running various clips of GOP officials dismissing the “blame it on Bush” syndrome, followed by various clips of conservative pundits blaming previous Bill Clinton. Comedy hi-jinks ensue!

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