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Jon Stewart & John Hodgman Teach Viewers How To Protect Yourself From Hackers Like LulzSec

With hacking becoming a full-fledged epidemic for the American government, from the CIA and FBI to and police departments having their files leaked, Daily Show correspondent John Hodgman presented viewers with his delightful mustache– but also with a handy guide to protecting yourself from hackers. The first tip? A flattering remark a day keeps LulzSec away.

Host Jon Stewart put together a quick recap of the latest in cybercrime, and requested some tips from Hodgman, who began by pointing out that all hackers are different, but all respond very well to flattery. “Hackers are like snowflakes– no two are alike, and they want to destroy you.” Hodgman notes that he carries his mustache around to emulate the LulzSec logo, but only says that before whimpering, “please don’t hack me.”

Another handy way of protecting yourself from hackers? Counterfeit money to replace all the money they will steal when they hack into your bank account. Stewart was not entirely convinced by this method. Hodgman concluded noting that offense is the best defense, and given his powers to tap into cyberspace, something getting into the Internet itself and fighting the bad guys is the only way to do it.

The segment via Comedy Central below:

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