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Jon Stewart Looks At Obama’s Slipping Approval Ratings Of Americans

Earlier this week, President Obama held a press conference to discuss his recent deal on the coming tax package that say an extension of Bush Tax Cuts for all tax brackets in exchange for a continuation of unemployment benefits. Aware that his base was not at all pleased with the compromise, Obama expressed frustration, if not measured anger, unusual for “No Drama” Obama. Last night’s Daily Show took the President’s ire to its illogical and amplified conclusion with a segment addressing the President’s slipping approval ratings OF Americans. Yes, the President has never thought so poorly of the citizens he governs.

Daily Show correspondent Wyatt Cenac presented the report to a befuddled Stewart, who was apparently unaware the measurement of Presidential disdain for the public was measured. Cenac flipped the script, blaming the American people for over-promising support for the President during the 2008 campaign, to which Stewart explained “You know the public! We vote as fanatics, but govern as curmudgeons.”

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