Jon Stewart Looks Into Alvin Greene; Credits Alphabetized Ballot For Primary Win

For those who haven’t followed the story of the suddenly successful and wholly unlikely political career of SC Senate candidate Alvin Greene, the following video of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is a perfectly abridged version of events of what is becoming one of the most bizarre political stories in recent memory. How did this later day Chauncey Gardner do so well in his first political outing? An alphabetized ballot!

First a brief primer: last week Alvin Greene won South Carolina’s Democratic Senate primary election, catapulting him from literal obscurity. No one had heard of him because the 32-year-old former military man had no website, no campaign signs and no campaign funds. Also, Greene had been unemployed for nine months leading up to the election, and faced felony charges of showing pornography to a minor.

So last week (and this weekend) the cable news media gave us a series of fascinating interviews with Green (many of which you could have seen first here on Mediaite.) And while Stewart’s presentation of these clips was somewhat predictable, it still was hilarious.

For a more detailed analysis of the many conspiracy theories surrounding Alvin Greene’s mysterious success, check out Philip Bump‘s in-depth and super smart analysis from yesterday.

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Alvin Greene Wins South Carolina Primary
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