Jon Stewart Makes an Appearance on The Late Show From Under Stephen Colbert’s Desk

On Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert was accompanied by an old pal of his.

After holding an online fundraiser for autism awareness that raised over $400,000, one lucky donor was selected from a raffle to attend a live taping of The Late Show… but under Colbert’s desk the entire time.

Fortunately for Rachel, the lucky winner, she had some company… Jon Stewart.

Stewart than interacted with Colbert from under the desk with a camera and in order to prove to the audience that he was in fact just inches away from Colbert’s feet, the former host of The Daily Show, held up the day’s copy of the Late Show Times which had the headline “Jon Stewart Really Under Desk.”

Colbert then carried on with his show but periodically checked in on Stewart and Rachel, who were discussing the Royal Wedding wearing fancy hats while drinking tea.

However, Colbert was interrupted during his bit about Netflix’s deal with Barack and Michelle Obama, part of which he pitched them a screenplay that he wrote, when out of nowhere, Stewart began attacking the host with throwing stars.

“If this wasn’t rubber, I could sue you!” Colbert exclaimed.

“I’m Jewish! I have my own lawyer,” Stewart shot back.

It didn’t take long for Colbert to be interrupted again as Stewart and Rachel began playing Twister.

“Hey wait, is this even my leg?” Stewart asked.

“No, it’s my leg!” Colbert grinned.

Eventually, Colbert had enough and went down there himself to restore some order.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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