Jon Stewart Mocks CNN For Airing Dumb and Dumber Diarrhea Clip During Newscast

Last week Mediaite was first to report on CNN airing of a remarkably sophomoric and disgusting diarrhea scene from the movie Dumb and Dumber to introduce a medical segment about bloody bowel movements. Jon Stewart and his team of producers appear to be readers of Mediaite, as last night they made the derisive point about the clip, though in the larger context of CNN’s flagging ratings.

The good news for CNN? People are talking about you! The bad news however is that the talk is almost entirely ridicule. The shots at Larry King replacement Piers Morgan are particularly painful for our pals CNN, but as they say – no news is good news! Wait. There’s no such thing as bad press? Yes, that’s it!

Editor’s note – yes we understand that we weren’t the only outlet to point out the airing of the bathroom humor clip, but we were the first to point out that it wasn’t a mistake, rather a specific editorial decision. At some point we think it might be nice for Mr. Stewart to offer a hat tip to his sources.

Watch the funny segment from Comedy Central below:

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